Welcome to Scrollwork Studios!

"Scrollwork Studios was created as a place modders could get together and harbor mutually beneficial projects and share knowledge with their fellow modders." ~Erik West

A few years ago, a bunch of modders who were crazy about The Elder Scrolls Series by Bethesda Softworks started a community that wanted to create mods together. We started out small, but slowly built ourselves a website where we could mod Bethesda's games (including the Fallout Games) as well as help out other modders.

We started Scrollwork Studios to create a website for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3 modders to cooperate, to trade out expertise, to increase the quality of mods (and to decrease the time it takes to make them) but we ended out as so much more. Every time Bethesda released a new game, we added it to our repertoire, Skyrim being the latest addition.

The major part of us are either Modders or Roleplayers, but we have all sorts of people here. We have a Lounge (which is our gateway to hell and unproductivity), as well as "The Library of Julianos" that we use for tutorials and other information we believe should we safeguarded.

We like to help modders out with their development and we have loads of services to modders who are determined to complete their modification. We will gladly help out with subforums, websites or a gallery. (We've also got a neat way to manage your team!).

Give the website a stroll, or sign up now ;)